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Financial Modelling

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Best Financial Modeling Tools To Make Better Financial Decisions

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Published on 22 Aug 2023

Financial modeling tools

Financial modeling tools are a set of tools that aid a financial analyst determine the cumulative valuation of a corporation. It could be any other factor that helps a company to find out how viable its projects are. In other words, financial modeling tools are instruments that are formed on spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

These are then used to identify the corporation’s future financial outlook. This forecast is constructed after going through the said company’s past performances to come to a clear understanding of where the company is headed financially.

In the process of coming up with this estimation, balance sheets, employee income statements, cash flow statements, and supporting schedules are taken into consideration. In order to make sound business decisions, entrepreneurs, accountants, investment bankers, and research analysts utilize financial modeling tools on a regular basis. 

Financial modeling software makes the carving out of precise financial forecasts simpler. And it does that without the need for having to rummage through complex piles of data.

These days almost all business models rely on financial modeling tools to understand and prepare for the future. Since the constant flow of capital is essential in order to run any type of business, financial modeling tools enable a business outfit to clearly set out a wholesome financial plan for the present, and more importantly, the future.

What is the Importance of Financial Modeling Tools?

Financial modeling takes into account a business entity’s past, present, as well as future. When a company engages in the exercise of financial modeling using an adequate tool, it gets the complete picture of its cumulative and analyzing financial data.

This not only throws light upon the present financial status of the firm but gives the people of the company an error-free evaluation of the organization’s monetary future.

Here’s the best financial modeling tool that will solve all your problems and help you make better decisions.

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CrossVal is engaged in producing the future of financial modeling. The novelty of CrossVal lies in its ability to fulfill everything that a spreadsheet does in just four minutes and ten seconds. 

In direct contrast to that, regular spreadsheets complete the same task in up to three weeks. This enables the user to divert their attention from the nitty-gritty of handling spreadsheets to tackling the more important decisions of the corporation.

CrossVal allows the easy management and tracking of principal data points like budgets, runway, and metrics. One can also use this fantastic tool to enable the automatic generation of financial statements, chalk up hiring plans, and predict the future of company finances.

With CrossVal at your fingertips, working as a team becomes easier. One of the best things to note about CrossVal is that you can produce strong and extensive financial models after only seven inputs.

Few features that make CrossVal a powerful tool are:

Forecasting & Reporting

CrossVal is a powerful tool in financial modeling that enables accurate forecasting and reporting of financial data. 

All the numbers in this image are purely fictitious.

CrossVal is an advanced financial modeling software that offers comprehensive forecasting and reporting capabilities for a company’s key financial metrics. 

These metrics include revenue, expenses, costs, profits, and other essential financial indicators that are critical to any business. 

With CrossVal, businesses can quickly and accurately analyze their financial performance and make informed decisions about their future growth and profitability. 

Its ability to generate more accurate forecasts compared to traditional Excel and spreadsheet-based models can provide a significant advantage to businesses where market conditions and consumer behavior can change rapidly. 

Valuation Discovery

CrossVal’s advanced techniques and algorithms enable it to provide a company’s valuation models in just 4 minutes.

All the numbers in this image are purely fictitious

CrossVal is a versatile financial modeling software that provides companies with accurate valuations using various methods, including discounted cash flow (DCF), venture capital (VC), scorecard, and comparables. 

This allows businesses to assess their worth from multiple angles, providing a more comprehensive understanding of their financial position. 

Additionally, CrossVal’s predictive capabilities enable it to forecast a company’s valuation for upcoming years, giving businesses valuable insights into their potential growth trajectory and financial outlook. 

These models are based on rigorous analysis of historical data, which allows for more accurate forecasts of future performance.

Runway Management

Managing a company’s runway is critical to the success of any business. 

By providing accurate financial forecasts and insights, CrossVal allows companies to make informed decisions about their cash flow, expenses, and other financial obligations. 

Moreover, CrossVal’s ability to create financial models in just 4 minutes enables businesses to quickly assess their runway and adjust their strategies accordingly. 

Cap Table Forecasts

CrossVal is a valuable tool for companies seeking to create accurate cap table forecasts.

All the numbers in this image are purely fictitious

By providing reliable insights into the ownership structure of a company, CrossVal’s cap table forecasts can be a critical tool for businesses seeking to raise capital or make strategic decisions. 

CrossVal’s advanced algorithms enable it to generate accurate and timely cap table forecasts, which can help businesses understand the ownership structure of their company and make informed decisions about equity financing and ownership allocation. 

With CrossVal, businesses can quickly and easily analyze their cap table, including the percentage of ownership held by different shareholders, the dilution impact of new equity issuances, and potential outcomes from various scenarios. 

ESOP Valuations

CrossVal can be used to find the valuation of employee stock option plans (ESOPs).

The data generated by CrossVal can be used in a variety of ways, including determining the value of equity compensation plans for employees, assessing the financial impact of ESOPs on a company’s financial statements, and making informed decisions related to tax planning and accounting. 

By providing an objective and reliable valuation of ESOPs, CrossVal enables companies to make informed decisions that are based on data-driven analysis, ensuring that they are making the most of their compensation plans and are in compliance with accounting and tax regulations.

Make Better Financial Decisions with CrossVal

Faster, more definite financial modeling tools are indispensable to every corporation. When you have the correct tool, all the work surrounding financial modeling stops being drudgery. CrossVal will empower you and your company to tackle daily complex analyses seamlessly. With the ingenuity of CrossVal by your side at all times, getting your sight on a spotless financial chart of business will be plain sailing. Visit the CrossVal website today to book your free demo.

Financial Modelling

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