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Who are Angel Investors and How to Find Angel Investors

Angel investors fund startups. Assess fit, control, then find via events, groups, platforms. Craft a compelling pitch showcasing team, problem, solution, market, and financials

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Published on 23 Aug 2023

Angel Investors and How to Find Angel Investors

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, you may have heard about angel investors. These individuals are known for providing funding to startups and small businesses, but who are they exactly, and how can you find them? In this article, we’ll explore who angel investors are, how to decide if they’re a good investment option for your business, and how to find them.

Introduction to Angel Investors

Angel investors are high-net-worth individuals who invest their own money into early-stage startups or small businesses. They typically invest in companies that are in their early stages, before they have a proven track record or have established themselves in the market. Angel investors are often willing to take on more risk than traditional investors because of the potential for high returns on their investments.

Angel investors are also known for providing more than just money. They often have experience in the business world and can provide valuable guidance and mentorship to the companies they invest in. This can be especially helpful for startups that are just starting out and may not have a lot of experience in the industry.

Who are Angel Investors?

Angel investors come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they’re high-net-worth individuals who are looking for investment opportunities. Some angel investors are former entrepreneurs who have had successful exits and are looking to invest in the next big thing. Others may have made their money in other industries, such as real estate or finance.

Angel investors typically invest their own money into companies, but they may also invest through angel groups or syndicates. These groups allow multiple investors to pool their resources and invest in a single company, which can be beneficial for startups because it allows them to access multiple sources of funding with a single pitch.

How to Decide if Angel Investors are a Good Investment Option for Your Business?

While angel investors can provide valuable funding and mentorship, they may not be the right fit for every business. Before seeking out angel investors, it’s important to determine if they’re a good investment option for your business.

One of the key things to consider is the stage of your business. Angel investors are typically interested in investing in companies that are in their early stages before they have a proven track record or have established themselves in the market. If your business is already established, you may be better off seeking out traditional investors or other sources of funding.

Another thing to consider is the amount of control you’re willing to give up. Angel investors may want some level of control over your business in exchange for their investment, which can be a dealbreaker for some entrepreneurs. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what you’re willing to give up before seeking out angel investors.

How to Find Angel Investors?

Once you’ve determined that angel investors are a good fit for your business, the next step is to find them. Here are some tips for finding angel investors:

  • Attend networking events: Networking events can be a great way to meet angel investors and other entrepreneurs. Look for events in your industry or region and make an effort to attend as many as possible.
  • Join an angel group: Angel groups are organizations that bring together multiple angel investors to invest in startups or small businesses. Joining an angel group can be a good way to access multiple sources of funding with a single pitch.
  • Use online platforms: There are several online platforms, such as AngelList and Gust, that connect startups with angel investors. These platforms can be a good way to reach a large number of investors quickly.
  • Leverage your network: Don’t be afraid to reach out to your personal and professional network for introductions to potential angel investors. Your network may be able to make introductions that can help you get in front of the right investors.

What to Include in Your Pitch to Angel Investors?

Once you’ve found potential angel investors, the next step is to craft a compelling pitch. Here are some key elements to include in your pitch:

  • Your team: Angel investors are often investing in the team as much as the idea. Make sure to highlight your team’s experience and expertise.
  • The problem you’re solving: Clearly articulate the problem you’re solving and why it’s important.
  • Your solution: Explain how your product or service solves the problem and what makes it unique.
  • Your market: Demonstrate that there is a market for your product or service and that you have a plan for reaching that market.
  • Your financials: Provide a clear picture of your financials, including your revenue projections and how you plan to use the investment.


Angel investors can be a valuable source of funding and mentorship for startups and small businesses. While they may not be the right fit for every business, they can be a good option for companies that are in their early stages and are looking for guidance and support as they grow. By understanding who angel investors are, how to find them, and how to craft a compelling pitch, you can increase your chances of securing the funding you need to take your business to the next level.

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